Tied and Bred by the Jock

New Release: Tied and Bred by the Jock

Peter has a fun night planned for him and his girlfriend, Sara — tie her down to the bed and have his way with her. Sara is eager to be helpless to the desires of her man.

But when Peter’s jock roommate comes home unexpectedly, both Sara and her boyfriend are helpless in a way neither of them expected.

Bill won’t take no for an answer, and he isn’t the type of guy to put on a condom or even try to pull out in time. Will Sara be ready for the consequences? Especially when she finds she enjoys Bill’s rough treatment?

Warning: This story contains adult themes meant for adult readers! Contains content some readers may find objectionable, including mf sex, light bondage, unprotected sex, risky sex, impregnation, rough sex, and a hot girl tied down and helpless to a tough jock’s rough treatment!

Length: 5000 words.

“Get out of here,” Peter demanded. He was tugging on Bill’s arm, trying to drag him out of the room. But Bill, who had been quarterback for his high school team, simply took no notice and strode inexorably forward.

“Hi, Sara,” he said, and then saw that she was gagged, and grinned. “Wow. Kinky times. I’ll just assume you’d say hi back if you could.” He looked down at Peter. “This is what you do with your girl, huh? Didn’t think you had it in you. To be honest, I wasn’t even completely sure you guys were actually fucking. Good job, man.”

Peter pulled back and tried to throw a fist at Bill, who simply ducked back neatly. He grabbed Peter’s arm and then flung him backwards, and he stumbled over a shoe and then crashed to the floor. He quickly got to his feet again, and Bill immediately shoved him back again.

“Just stay down,” Bill said, then he turned back to Sara. “God, Peter. You can’t have this going on in the house and not tell me. What kind of friend are you?” He took a step toward the bed.

“Leave her alone,” Peter demanded as he got to his feet. He moved toward Bill with a slight limp, but Bill stopped him with a look.

“That’s right, Peter,” he said. “Just stay there.” He stepped up to the edge of the bed, then reached forward and ran a hand smoothly along Sara’s bare back. She made some sharp protest, but it was muffled by the gag. Bill grinned, then repeated the gesture, and allowed his fingers to slide down over one firm ass cheek and linger there for a moment. “I’ve always wanted to see what your girl looked like naked. She’s fucking hot. How’d you get her, Pete?”

“Fuck you,” replied Peter. He was standing with his fists clenched, clearly angry, but he wasn’t trying to approach Bill again.

Sara felt incredibly helpless. She’d felt Bill undressing her in his mind every time she came over here, and she’d been determined never to give him a glimpse of anything. And now what was going to stop him? Clearly her boyfriend couldn’t.

“I like to watch your tits bounce in those tight little tops you wear when you come over here,” Bill murmured. “You gonna let me see ‘em now?” He gripped her shoulder and her hip, trying to turn her over. She resisted, but he simply overcame her with sheer strength, rolling her onto her side and then onto her back. She had enough slack in the rope to pull her arms down and attempt to cover herself, but he simply took hold of her waist and pulled her down along the bed, stretching her arms overhead.

Bill didn’t get time to admire her. Peter was suddenly charging at his back, his fists flying. Bill blocked him with a massive shoulder, then threw an elbow at his ribs. Peter immediately fell backwards onto the floor, holding his side and struggling to draw in breath.

“You’ll be all right in a minute,” Bill said. “Just calm down, okay? I thought we were friends.” He turned back toward Sara, and grinned as his eyes roamed over her naked body. Her breasts were about medium-sized, and firm and perky. Her nipples were small and pink, and they were standing erect, either from her earlier arousal or just from being exposed to the air. Her face burned with shame, and she struggled to roll herself back over or cover herself somehow. But Bill simply held her down with one heavy hand on her shoulder, and took in every detail of what she’d been determined never to show him.

Then he slid his hand down from her shoulder and cupped her breast in his large grip. He squeezed it firmly, not letting up even as she gasped around her gag and squirmed on the bed. Bill grinned and released her breast, then took her stiff nipple between two fingertips and tugged on it. She watched him, her eyes wide, taking in his perverse smile, the obvious pleasure he got from being completely free to touch her however he wanted. He gave her nipple a sharp twist, and she let out a muffled whimper and writhed on the bed. It hurt, but the pain was also creating a sharp, throbbing ache between her legs. Her body wanted to be touched.

Tied and Bred by the Jock by Kali Lowe

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